Repair Services

Rolfes @ Boone offers in-house repair service on all products that we manufacture as well as on many similar products produced by other manufacturers. Our technicians also have the expertise to work on many obsolete or discontinued items so long as parts are still available. Manufacturers that we service include: Boone Cable Works, Rolfes, Burdick, Pertech, Hot Spot, IICS, Grain Tec, Decatur Aeration, Safe Grain and others.

If you have technical questions about a repair or our ability to service a piece of equipment you can direct those questions to our “Electronics Repair” department at 800-265-2010. Please have information on manufacturer, model #, serial #  and software version if available when you call.  In the absence of this information a good physical description of the equipment may help us to identify it.


If you need to send a product to us for repair, please click on the Repair Work Order form and fill out the required fields. To use this form  use the Tab key to advance from field to field typing the required information as you go. The selection boxes under shipping preferences at the bottom of the form can be selected by hitting the space bar when the appropriate box is highlighted.  You may tab through any field that does not need an input. Print the form and include with your shipment to the address on the top of the form. Please direct all repairs to the attention of the Repair Department.

Download Repair Form

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