Scancenter Ambient Compensation

The Scancenter Bearing / Printer versions with ambient compensation (v11.xx software) provides the ability to specify an ambient MUX and sensor, ambient alarm limit, absolute alarm limit, and equipment number for each sensor in the system. The ambient MUX and sensor are used to specify which sensor in the system is to be used to compare against the temperature of the monitored point.

These settings are used in the Auto Mode to determine and communicate alarm conditions.

Setting the ambient MUX and sensor to zero (0), disables ambient comparisons for that point.

When the monitored point exceeds its ambient sensor by the ambient alarm amount (set by the user/installer), the ambient alarm condition exists and will be printed, alarmed and sent to a PLC if the required conditions exist (print selected, printer connected, and ready, PLC interface connected, etc.)

The same goes for the absolute alarm limit, an alarm condition exists and will be printed, alarmed and/or sent to a PLC

The equipment number, a value from 0-62 is used to communicate which piece of equipment is having a problem to a PLC via a parallel interface. If a sensor is assigned to equipment number 0, the program assumes the sensor is not wired or is to be excluded from scanning for some hardware reason. Sensors assigned to equipment number 0 will show as disabled in manual and set limit modes and will show N/A on the configuration printout.

The Scancenter will monitor for absolute temperature of a sensor or difference above an ambient temperature. Each sensor on each MUX may be assigned an alarm and ambient alarm limit.

The Scancenter also has an equipment number assigned to each sensor on each MUX . If a sensor is not available for some hardware reason, such as no sensor connection, the equipment number should be set to zero. A value between 1 and 62 can be assigned to each operating sensor. For example; Leg #1 could be set as equipment #1, "east/west drag" set as equipment #2 and so on...

When the Scancenter is in Auto Mode, this equipment number will be sent to the PLC interface along with a bit to indicate ambient alarm or a bit to indicate absolute alarm when the temperature of any sensor assigned to that piece of equipment is above the alarm set-points.

An alarm/siren may be connected to the alarm contact (on back of the Scancenter or ALRM-100/400) to alert the operator of the pending conditions, which may require immediate attention.

The Scancenter may be connected to a serial printer via a 25 pin RS-232 port. And/or a 15-pin parallel output connected to a Rolfes Company PLC interface.

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